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Orange Empire Division
Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, June 7, 2016
First Tuesday of every month


Santa Ana Elks Lodge
212 S. Elk Ln.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 547-7794

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Time: 11:30am

Cost to Attend
Member Cost: Only $20.00
Non-Member Cost: $25.00
Join at the Meeting! Cost of membership recovered in about 1 year.

Includes a nice lunch!
(speical dietary requests accepted up to 7 days before Event)


Electrical Safety and the Codes

Have you saved a human life today?
Are you a Local Hero, or just doing a good job?

Hero or Good Worker?

I verified the nameplate maximum fuse for an air-conditioner, matched what was installed.

Hero or Good Worker?

I designed a electrical service distribution equipment lineup to exceed the available interrupting current.

Hero or Good Worker?

I saw a screw for an EMT connector that was too long. I got a ladder and tightened up that bad boy.

Hero or Good Worker?

I made sure that the daylight harvesting photocells and switching was compliant with the Energy Code.

Hero or Good Worker?

I declined to install the junction box the shop sent. I had to splice parallel 500 kCMIL conductors and it was too small. Shop didn’t like it but – I know the Code.

Hero or Good Worker?

We flipped the in-wall subpanel 180 degrees so it could be seen from the stamping machines.

Hero or Good Worker?

I counted every darn wire and then added on for every plug, switch, or hickey and then multiplied by the magic number. Then I told them almost every box was too small.

Scott counts lots of good workers, but only two Local Heroes in this list.  

LEARN to be a HERO!

Come to the next Orange-Empire IAEI instructional meeting June 7th at the Santa Ana Elks lodge!

Even if you don’t know what a paradigm is…we will shift it:

  • Code violations may be Misdemeanors or Felonies.
  • Felonies may become Capital Crimes if we don’t see them.
  • Good designers, good installers, good inspectors, and good luck does not make it safe.
  • Inspectors, Contractors, Manufacturers, Consultants, and Test Labs are each doing their part to prevent electrical tragedy. Come to the meeting with an open mind and participate in that shifting of paradigms. You could turn out to be a hero!

Electrical safety perspectives discussed with good cheer and gentle nomenclature by an old electrician who remembers when knob met tube. Scott will share some new ideas on design, installation and inspection priorities. This will make it easier to decide when enough it too much. Come for the take-home handouts, the Code questions and arguments, and to meet good folks who will help YOU when you need it!

Mark your calendars to attend this safecracker class in Santa Ana on June 7th!

About the Presenter:

Scott Davis is the Education Chair for the Orange Empire Division of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Scott has worked for over 20 years as the Senior Electrical Systems Specialist for the City of Santa Ana Planning & Building Agency in Santa Ana, California. He has been employed as an electrical instructor with:

California State University, Fullerton 
Adult Education Orange County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) 
Associated Builders and Contractors of Southern California (ABC)

Bring questions!
 Bring opinions! Bring somebody!

Yes, CEUs for this event!!

2016 Orange Empire Division Officers

Henry Martinez

1st Vice President
Jill Fisher

2nd Vice President
Douglas Miller

Education Chair
Scott Davis

Suzanne Engelhardt


Tom Griffith

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